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Athma Yoga Academy is a wing of Sahrudaya, Welfare Services Ernakulam, a charitable and non-profit organization. The perfect place for a Yoga Retreat and regular Yoga classes, Athma Yoga Academy ensures a secular and systematic learning environment to promote an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It is an accredited center of Yoga Alliance International, offering Teacher Training Certificate Course (TTC) in Yoga.  


The Academy/Yoga Shala renders a vibrant and soothing ambiance, conducive for Yoga practice. Surrounded by trees, herbal and medicinal plants, the overall environment is serene, clean and beautiful, which helps to balance our body, mind and soul. 

To Embrace Tranquillity  

Athmayoga academy is the one of the leading institute giving Yoga study at kerala


Yoga TTC 200 Hours 

Learn about yoga, life and the powerful art of communication. Study to become a yoga teacher with Athmayoga in beautiful Kerala  at one of our upcoming 200hr courses. It’s a truly transformative experience.


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Regular yoga

The regular yoga classes based on the Hatha Yoga principles help the practitioner to enjoy tranquillity. The practice of Yoga enhances the flow of Prana, the vital energy. The tailored made modules help you to stay agile and focused. 

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Health Retreat

Health retreat harmonizes your body, mind, and soul with nature. We empower you with startling information, simple yoga modules, relaxation methods, and meditationOur program will transform you into a healthy,


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Yoga for Professionals
Corporate Yoga  

Corporate Yoga enhances effectiveness and productivity in business. Combination of Hatha Yoga principles of asanas, pranayama and relaxation, keep us fit in the profession. Every moment of working hours becomes rejuvenated and refreshed. Physical and mental health creates the working space more positive for creative and innovative ideas.

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Yoga for students

Hyperactivity, lack of concentration, behavioral problems, memory loss, preferential options, stress, and eyesight disorders are common among students of this digital era. Simple tailor-made yogic techniques by Athma Yoga would help every student with these concerns. 

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Yoga Therapy

The therapeutic benefits of yoga are boundless. Body and mind are connected and are not separate entities. Hence, the aim is communion of body and mind which results in the ultimate transformation of the self.

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Meet The Team

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Baiju   Varghese   

Athma Yoga Academy is functioning under the guidance of Fr. Baiju Varghese, the Health Director of Naivedya Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre.

Nidhish Nidhiri

As a yoga trainer, he has proved his excellence in imparting yogic vision of life among people.


Yoga Therapist

Yoga Instructor


Dr. Aiswarya P,  Ayurveda consultant 

She is an expert in treating different rōgās (medical conditions). She updates her knowledge reservoir by ardently following modern technological developments and research advancements in Ayurveda and Yoga. 

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Vinoj Manjaly

Vinoj Manjaly is passionate about Yogic life and is a certified Yoga trainer with International experience.


Yoga Therapy




Hello friends Myself Sheryl. I joined Athmayoga TTC in the month of Nov 2020.I had a wonderful time experience during the entire session.As an ITP patient (Low platelets)A blood disorder.I was not able to Complete my daily duties.I used to feel very tired and drained physically and mentally.Due to heavy dosage of steroids everyday.but After I joined Athma yoga TTC 200 hours.My life took an over all Change.I started gaining Strength in the Body and Bones.I could feel that energy. My lost stamina was getting back within no time.Overall health started improving each day.Mentally and Physically started feeling so revived,Having Our Fr Peter Baiju,Master Nidhish,Master Vinoj by leading the whole team 🙌 Showering their Knowledge Guidance & Direction to lead too live life Correctly.Which many of us are not aware off..As I check my platelets every week. My platelets REMAIN Stable.I will always give gratitude to God & be Thankful & Grateful towards Athmayoga TTC 200 hours Fr Peter Baiju Master Nidhish and Master Vinoj for leading us all the Way.