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Yoga for Professionals
Corporate Yoga  

Corporate Yoga enhances effectiveness and productivity in business. Combination of Hatha Yoga principles of asanas, pranayama and relaxation, keep us fit in the profession. Every moment of working hours becomes rejuvenated and refreshed. Physical and mental health creates the working space more positive for creative and innovative ideas.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

  • Positivity in the workspace

  • Increased productivity

  • Good morale among employees

  • Disciplined group of workers

  • Reduced absenteeism due to improved health

  • Attitudinal healing among employees

Iyengar Yoga Studio
For employees:
  • Energetic feeling

  • Improved personal health

  • Positivity within and towards all

  • More acceptance with more creativity

  • Focused work time 

  • Physical fitness and mental strength 

  • Team spirit/work




Corporate yoga modules are designed for the needs of the sector.


3 classes of 1-hour duration per week

What you will need:

  • A session with maximum 15 participants

  • Suitable space

  • A Yoga mat for participants and comfortable clothing

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