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About Us


Athma Yoga Academy is primarily focused on providing the wisdom of Yoga, Yoga training and Yoga therapy for chronic diseases and lifestyle disorders. The Academy is known for its excellent Yoga teachers who are well-trained and knowledgeable. They are proactive to define and redefine modules that suit best for learners. Academy also provides Ayurveda treatments under the guidance and supervision of medical professionals.

The academy is situated at the heart of Cochin city. It is undoubtedly a resort for the ailing who are advised to practice Yoga and Meditation by professionals. The Athma Yoga Academy delivers a blended learning with virtual and face to face sessions, with a holistic approach to learning.  

"It's not about being good at something.

It's about being good to yourself."

What Makes Athmayoga Different?

Yoga is the science of life. Athmayoga imparts this science through a handful of yoga experts. The in-depth knowledge about this wisdom ignites every participant. This will expel the doubts and clear the mind of every student.

Be humane, then Divine. We focus on the total transformation of the participants. The blending of philosophy and the practice is given prime importance.  Thought provoking sessions based on yogic principles set out a space for reflective thinking.  


Keeping the traditional approach, we try to adapt to the current situations based on the scientific research findings. Attitudinal healing takes place of it's own.


We facilitate every student to explore the meaning of their existence and the reflective thinking itself transforms them to a meaningful life in this society.

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