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Our Team
A Committed Family of Yoga Professionals

ATHMAYOGA is rich with diverse and revered faculty of experienced yoga teachers. We believe in offering the best quality practitioners and educators in their respective verticals. Our teachers are rich in experience, passionate and dedicated with years of experience in delivering the state of art training programs.

We strongly believe in a stable, healthy, happy and just society. Athma Yoga academy dedicate the Scriptures to its fullest face value in our curriculum even without diluting any bit of its original spirit. It is inarguably proven that this ancient Indian Wisdom is still prevalent to build a healthy society in its totality. 

ATHMAYOGA team is always with you in enabling you to realise your every need and committed to render our extended support in furthering your education and success. We believe that promotion of holistic health, with a positive approach will bring us together for a better today and tomorrow. 

Our Yoga & Meditation Teachers

Our highly committed and passionate teachers and mentors work collectively work to provide you with the highest standard of yoga philosophy, practical sessions and meditation. Find out more about our faculty members below.

Baiju   Varghese   

Athma Yoga Academy is functioning under the guidance of  Baiju Varghese, the Director of Athmayoga Academy. He has been keen about the Yogic way of life since a decade, and conducting Yoga and Meditation classes for people from all walks of life. He Has been to different International Yoga Conferences and countries with his expertise in yoga. He imparts basic lessons of Yoga Philosophy and conducts Health Retreats based on simple yoga modules. 


He is a lifetime member of Indian Yoga 

Association (IYA)



Yoga Therapy

Health Retreats


Educational Qualifications:

Lifetime member of Indian Yoga Association (IYA)

International Yoga trainer (Yoga Alliance International (YAI))

Yoga Instructor Course (YIC, S-VYASA, Bangalore) 

MSc Yoga (S-VYASA, Bangalore)

Diploma in Yogic Education (D.Y.E.D, Kaivalyadhama, Pune)

Professional Yoga Teacher (AYUSH Dept.)

Philosophy and Theology

Vinoj Manjaly

Vinoj Manjaly is passionate about Yogic life and is a certified Yoga trainer with International experience. He has been to Middle East to conduct yoga sessions. 

He is very good in teaching beginners' asanas and advanced practices. Understanding the nature of the body and attitude, he motivates every student with amazing patience. He makes others to do the asanas with every possible ways with simple tips. At the end of his training, you will be inspired to be centered and settled beaming with joy.



Yoga Therapy

Yoga Asanas

Advanced Yoga practitioner 

Educational Qualifications:

Certificate courses in Yoga (S-VYASA, Bangalore)

Yoga Alliance International (Yoga Alliance International)

BSc in Yoga 

Ayurveda therapist 


Nidish Nidhiri has selected the promotion and propagation of yoga as his mission. He has proved his excellence in imparting a yogic vision of life among people by helping them to understand the true meaning of life and to educate how to unify the body, mind, and soul. He is also a skilled yoga therapist. He is having a long experience as a yoga instructor in many Institutions. Well known speaker and writer of Yoga philosophy. He is well experienced in the management of lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Obesity, Back pain, Migraine, Depression, etc. He is also a teaching faculty member of the Tamil Nadu Physical Education University, Vaikom Center.



Yoga therapist for lifestyle diseases

Counseling Psychologist


Educational Qualification:


M.Sc Yoga (SVYASA University, Bangalore),

TTC Yoga (Sivananda),

YIC (SVYASA Yoga University), Professional Yoga Teacher of the AYUSH, Dept. Govt of India & Certified by Quality Council of India.

DR. HARIN. A   B.A.M.S,   M.D(Ayu)

Dr. Harin has completed his studies at Rajiv Gandhi University. He is also Master Degree holder in Dravya Guna Vijnanam.



Treatment for psoriasis, arthritis, and diabetics.


Dr. Aiswarya P,  Ayurveda consultant 

She is an expert in treating different rōgās (medical conditions). She updates her knowledge reservoir by ardently following modern technological developments and research advancements in Ayurveda and Yoga. 



Gynecological disorders, cosmetic problems and skin diseases.


Anna Mary Joy

Anna Mary Joy is a dedicated Yoga Practitioner.

Yoga Champion of Calicut University (2019)

Participant in National Level Yoga Championship (2019)

Educational Qualification

MSc in Yoga Therapy (S-VYASA, Bangalore)

Yoga TTC (Yoga Alliance International)

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