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Yoga TTC 200 Hours
Transformational Yoga 

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (YTTC) approved by Yoga Alliance International will deepen your Yogic knowledge and will enable you to build your experience & proficiency to that of an expert Yoga instructor. We aim to blend science and Yogic philosophy so that one experiences a harmony of body, mind, internal energy, and the all-pervading cosmic energy, resulting in better physical health and mental peace. Attitudinal Healing, a process of letting go of painful and fearful attitudes is integrated into the different courses that we offer.  As Yoga has amassed popularity across the globe as a more holistic way of life, this is the perfect time to understand this ancient practice and to become a certified Yoga instructor,


Athma Yoga Academy’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) can be undertaken by any individual or group regardless of your current experience.


Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Why Choose us: 

We believe that yogic practices can be designed according to the requirement of each individual. Our range of courses includes yoga modules for school children for their emotional and intellectual wellbeing. Athma Yoga centre is a hermitage for those who suffer from any chronic health issues. Athma yoga is designed with an integrated approach based on the Panchakosha principle, a Upanishadic concept. These five transformational principles will help take each individual to heights of contentment and worthiness in life.


We impart yogic wisdom to the yoga sadhakas:

Yoga philosophy              : mind and its characteristics 

                                            : ways to achieve inner peace

                                            : ways to live a healthy life

Health                                : basic principles on healthy living 

Disease                              : the causes and yogic management

Asanas                               : basics to the advanced

Pranayama                        : theory and its practice

Kriya                                   : the eradication of toxins within the physical and mental level.

Meditation                         : at the experiential level

Relaxation modules        : a rejuvenating and refreshing session 

Satsang                             : reflections on contented life

Anatomy                           : the human systems and physiology

Aim and objectives: 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training is a life-changing experience for students. Our dream is to see every individual happy, healthy, and thus wealthy. The students become equipped to support the suffering of humanity. Personal learning is given importance and personal experience is our teacher. Within this short period the students are familiarised with teaching skills in varied aspects: 

1.   Structure, environment, and management of the                 classroom.

2.  Personal attention to students with their possibilities         and limitations.

3.  Self-improvement with self-practice of asanas,                   pranayama, kriya,       and meditation.

4.  The beauty of being with nature.

5.   Magic of silence is experienced

6.  Developing an attitude of selfless service to                       humanity through Karma yoga

7.   Healing power of meditation 

  •  CERTIFICATION- 200 hours Yoga teacher training is provided by Athma Yoga Academy, Cochin, and certified by Yoga Alliance International.

  • The students will be assessed and evaluated based on written assignments and examination, practical sessions, the absorption level.

  • Mode of operation: online - live and onsite. All are welcome to attend and experience a different world than ever.


Athma Yoga Academy is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance International. You will be professionally qualified and certified to teach and train Yoga anywhere.

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